Tuesday, August 17, 2010

just wait....

Ok sorry that i am just now getting to this blog again- life got in my way... ok so girls and guys- I said from the start that i wanted to be honest. and that means sharing my story. I feel passionate about telling girls and guys to value thier virginity and to wait till they are married... I didnt and i wish i would of. Let me share some of the story about it and then we will see what God has to say about it.

June 6, 2007 Union on College Campus
I met a guy named *Bob* we had met on yahoo messenger and he was a friend of a firend. so i didnt think anything different. after a few weeks of talking we decied to met up and have sex. I was mad at God and my family. So June 6th came and i walked in the door of the union with red flags a blaze- ignored all of them- I knew what was going to go down... let me state i was 17 he was 21. we met and after 45 minutes we parted ways never to see each other again. I came home and cried myself to sleep. i was devastated that i had done something like this. no matter how i tried to hid it my personlity changed and i wasnt the same. my youth leaders noticed when i wouldnt let them hug me. i told 1 person a friend at camp who sat with me when i told my leader. I held it in other than that for a year and a half. slept with night lights and teddy bears and cried myself to sleep so many times. I sat down in my preachers wife office and told her everything a year and a half later. the damage was done i was miserable still... i sat in a local coffee house and knew i had to tell my youth leaders wife. I told her and she said that they knew but wanted me to tell them. I sat down to write this blog on the 2 yr anniversary but i couldnt do it. I am still healing. I wish i wouldnt of done it. i told people who believed me but what still makes it hurt is the fact that my parents think that i am lying about it. I want to state that i am blessed that i didnt get any stds or get pregnat but i know that was God watching over me. I am still healing and i know that it will take time and Gods healing hand. I keep praying that he will use this expericence to help others who are thinking it doesnt matter. when it happends you get emotional attached to that person just like it says in the bible the two become one it means it.

I had the read flags going off - i could of turned around - i could of called friends, i could of said no but i didnt. Gods word is very clear about this subject - it says to flee from all sexual imorality .... that means pre-martial sex, porn, sexting, and phone sex, chatrooms, and cam shows. trust me when i say that i have done most in this imorality- but from here on out to the day i get married i will be a born again christian. meaning i will wait to have sex... i know God forgives and that he loves me. Girls - the way we dress does affect guys hormoes. guys - no means no! if we say no then dont push.. rape is not love. girls and guys if u feel pressued leave , call a friend, take a bus a cab get out of the situation.

love you all and pray that my story will make you all think

Monday, April 19, 2010

Healty Love- Loving Gods way

Do you ever wonder what it means to act out of love? well the bible says in 1st corithians 13 :4-7 says this " love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts and always hopes, and always persevers." (NIV)

the message says it this way : " If i give everything i own to the poor and even go to the stake to be burned as a martyr, but i dont love, I've gotten nowhere. so, no matter what i say i believe, and what i do, I am bankrupt with out love. Love never gives up, love cares more for others that for self, love doesnt want what it doesnt have, love doesnt strut, doesnt have a swelled head, doest force itself on others, isnt always " me first", doesnt fly off the handle, doesnt keep the score of sins of others, doesnt revel when other grovel, takes pleasure in the flowering truth, puts up with anything, trust God always, always lloks for the best, never looks back, but keeps going to the end."

can we try this - put ur name in the spots of the it in the first one so it would look like this : Jessica is pacient, jessica is kind or take it a step further and place God where it says love.

SO what does loving God's way look like... it looks like this Love NEVER GIVES UP AND LOVE CARES FOR FOR OTHERS THAN FOR SELF. so lets do that this week lets love like God has loved us...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Parents- cant live with em cant live without em

O.K. i know parents are a touchy subject with us all but honestly we need them. i mean thanks to them we are living and reading this blog! how many of you think you could honestly live and support your current lifestyle with out the help of your parents? I know that i couldnt. in fact if it werent for them i wouldnt be writing this on my new laptop, have a house to live in or food to eat. I know this for sure at one point or another we will fight with our parents- thats not bad but we need to realize that they really do have our best intsrest in hand. I know from first hand experience that they really do but rules and regulations down to help us not make the same mistakes they made at our age. so what does God say about parents. this simple statement: honor thy mother and father. with in reason obsislously if they want you to break the law dont. but with in legal limits you have to... if they say you cant go see this concert then obey that and dont go do it. if you do do what they have said no to then take your consequences like a women or man and deal with it! I know i know obeying ur parents is harder than just doing it but i will give you some advice and this is how to solve problems with anyone parents inclued PRAY for them. your relationship will soon change. I have had my fair share of arguments and fights with my parents but if i prayed for them and started to see things from thier point of view and i know understand how bratty and downright abusive i was sometimes. and one other piece of advice it will get better the older you get. you might even try these:
- do something for them
- do something like our chores without begin asked
-compliment them
-take them out to dinner
- cook for them
- pray for them

try these and i know with in time things will get better. and as always if your parents are in any way abusive GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, RELATIONSHIP and REPORT it to the police or trusted adult

love ya all

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Ok so this issue is a big one and in order for me to go on with this blog this needs to be said: everything on this blog is 100% truth from my life and the lives of my closest friends! you know how the old saying goes the truth hurts! well i cant say i am sorry if my story or my friends story hurt becasue this whole blog would be pointless if no one learned from our mistakes...thats the reason this exist. no one wants a 30 yr old or older to tell em what to do but for some reason 13 -19 yr olds feel like thier friends know all the answers so i am here as a friend to give you Godly advice on topics that i struggled with from 13-19 and if i didnt struggle with it then my friends will help me. so the first question is what is truth? how do you define it? it seems like the obisovus answer is truth is not falsehoods which is true. but what is it really? heres what www.dictionary.com says: confomity with fact or relaity. ok so the next question is how does one go about beging truthful? I will say this till the day i die: BE your self. if you feel uncomfortable saying it then dont. if you dont have proof to back up your claim then dont go there... its like science if you dont have proof to prove you found the square root of pi then no one will believe you. i know you have all heard the boy who cried wolf... he cried wolf so often that no one believed him when it really happend. my advice: dont cry wolf unless its truth.

the bible says : the truth will set you free. and girls ( guys too) its the truth.
the freedom you feel when ur honest is amazing!

Monday, March 8, 2010

What's Tell Her all about?

Hey girls and guys too!
So I bet your wondering what Tell Her... is all about? Tell Her is my response to all the damage and crap that a teenage girl hears about herself... you know things like your fat,ugly, that's not good enough, i like you better when..., you need to be a size 2 with big boobs,.... Girls there is so much more in life that that!... Tell her will cover topics from sex to relationships with boys, how to deal with parents during the teen years and fashion a girls best friend next to a diamond ring of course.... but Tell Her will cover all these topics with a Godly perspective. Why a Godly perspective because GOD has a lot to say about these topics in the Bible. And occasionally Tell Her might have just a blog posting from people who inspire me, who have helped me and gotten me thru my teen years with a few scars from not listing to their stories.

Girls and guys too- We are WORTH something!!! Tell Her is launching off March 8 2010...
Ok so every two or three weeks I will post a new Tell Her... or a Tell Her Shes... or a Tell Her About.. there all the same thing its just what will work best with whatever the topic is... and Girls and guys if you want to email me about topics you want me to write about let me know!